Each large-scale art installation we create is specially designed for an individual brief and environment. Here are some of our favourite examples.



Flight - a kaleidoscope of butterflies

St Georges Hospital, Stafford

This commission was created with service users and staff of Brocton and Chebsey wards at St George’s Mental Health hospital, Stafford. Each piece was created during a series of workshops attended by service users.

Every wooden butterfly is unique and has its own character and destination.  No two are the same, so when flying together new patterns and shapes are created, and individual stories are celebrated. Each wooden silhouette gains its unique pattern from the use of coloured paper, recycled magazines and fliers. Using very ordinary reused paper creates the extraordinary and explores the themes of transformation, metamorphosis and regeneration inherent in us all.

Book trail

St Michael’s Community Academy, Crewe

Our brief was to create a large scale mixed media art installation that is accessible to children of all ages and inspire them to read more.

It had to have a  positive visual impact and highlight the dynamic and exciting journey we can have through the works of books.

Aspiration Avenue

Hungerford Primary school, Crewe

Our brief was to design an art installation for this large space that would inspire pupils to think bigger and strive for great things for their futures.

With the children's cooperation, we chose modern and historical figures who have made a difference in our world. 

The laser cut portraits are duplicates of drawings produced by the pupils. To add a sense of fun we made the portraits rotate and added quotes from each person along the wooden sail shapes.

If I Walked in Your Shoes

Hungerford Primary School, Crewe

Our purpose for this installation was to explore the concept that everyone is different and their experiences are different, through the visual form of footwear. 

With the pupils, we examined the history and cultural influences of footwear and how it impacts peoples lives through purpose, comfort and status. To introduce a fun element we also imagined the footwear of literary characters.

Each book spine gave details of each shoe.


Alphabet Soup

Wistaston Academy Primary school, Crewe

The aim of this commission was to create an art piece that was playful and educational at the same time.  The letters spilled out of the top lantern, then trickled down the walls into the books, creating words on the way. 

As a result, it became a large scale word making game that both the children and visitors enjoyed playing.



Hungerford Primary School, Crewe

Our objective for this project was to create a visually stimulating artwork which would lead visitors on a dynamic learning journey through the world we live in around the school corridors. 

To take part in the journey children and visitors would have to ' island hop' along the walls from one place to another.



Rising Brook Community Church, Stafford

Peter Pan was our third pantomime working with Rising Brook Baptist Church, Stafford.  We styled and created the costumes, and directed a team of able volunteers during the three month preparation period.

The Steam Punk genre was an exciting starting point to use for this production. The Pirates, Lost boys and Villagers all had quite a distinctive style, but Tinker bell, Peter and Hook were the stars of the show of course!



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